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They say don't judge a book by its cover. Well the same could be said about Miranda Khan.

Her dad, for example, was born in Pakistan. And it's there where her parents met and fell in love. Wanting to be closer to family, Miranda's parents moved to Kansas, where they raised two girls. The relationship between Miranda and her sister, Meredith, was what you might expect between two siblings who were five years apart. They had their share of squabbles, but Miranda was always very protective of her little sis.

Despite spending most of her life in front of the camera, Miranda was a rather shy kid. Thankfully, Miranda's parents were a wealth of knowledge, instilling the importance of education.

And it is through education that Miranda gained her self confidence and discovered a future career in television. Miranda's work has been featured on Newsmax, A&E, Lifetime, The Food Network, Bravo, WE, ION, truTV, the Fox Business Channel, as well as several local news markets. But her latest and most rewarding passion has been bringing The Blossoms of Floraland to life as a tribute to her sister.

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All The Blossoms - shorter fuller skirts
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Meredith was a kind and gentle younger sister, often described as childlike by those who knew her best. From an early age, Meredith had a vivid imagination and a desire to write her own children's books.

In 2011, Meredith began creating the colorful world of Floraland. It was her passion in life. Inspired by her own childhood, most of Floraland centers around the mysterious wonders of Mother Nature. Meredith often enjoyed exploring outside, even as an adult, and adored all living creatures, both big and small. She also valued diversity and friendship. Meredith illustrates those values with the creation of The Blossoms, a group of four young girls who live and play together. Meredith spent years meticulously developing each character, providing them with unique physical and personality traits. Each Blossom is named after a particular flower, has her own unique friends and flower power. Through each adventure, readers experience a world they never thought possible, where riding on butterflies and sliding down rainbows is a typical way of life, while learning valuable lessons along the way. Meredith's ultimate goal is that her books spark the imagination of young readers, help them discover their own flower power, and influence them to grow up to be kinder adults.

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Tyler Hollis is a well known children's illustrator and publisher. Her style is considered to be the "old fashioned" Golden Book style that stays sweet and simple and connects with both children and adults. She does her line-work in pen and her coloring on the computer with a pallet of colors she developed herself. She is inspired by childhood memories. Tyler has been interviewed on ABC, NBC, and CBS for her illustration talents.

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All The Blossoms - shorter fuller skirts
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Lilly - Stars

Flower Powers! 

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